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Northumbria Water - works at Ovingham

September 30, 2019

Please see following some information from Northumbrian Water in respect of some works being carried out at Ovingham over the next few weeks by their contractors :

"On Monday 30th September we will start to introduce a "site set up" in advance of the actual works which commence on 7th October. The work will include ground investigations and we will be arranging for 12 boreholes to be drilled at various locations to the north and south of the existing pumping station as well as in the river.
The authorities have been notified and access has been approved/granted by the landowners and the local council have agreed to traffic lights for 2-3days whilst deliveries take place from 7th Oct, after which the lights will be removed and we have applied for a speed limit restriction to be introduced during our presence along Ovingham Road. (30mph)

We will be utilising the existing lay-by adjacent to the entrance to the river (which I understand the anglers regularly use) for our site cabins.
We have agreed with the anglers they will always have access to the river and we will offer them a car parking area within our compound. This compound will have a security guard 24/7 and a combination lock on the temporary gates for access.

Our allocated time at this location is for a month only which has been governed by the Environment Agency so we hope it won't cause too much of an inconvenience.

To access and work within the river we will need to work from a pontoon which will also house a crane for emergency"

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