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Introduce a New Angler

February 21, 2021

The Federation would like to thank those of you who encourage other anglers to buy a Federation permit.
By way of thanks for doing this any permit holder who introduces a new angler who buys a permit this year will receive a 10% discount off their permit price next year. Anyone who introduces 10 new salmon permit anglers during 2021 will receive a free salmon permit next season.
We will define new as anyone who has never bought a Federation permit before.
If you have already introduced someone this year, they will count. Please send an email to when someone you have introduced tells you they have bought their permit.
If you know anyone who would like to take up river angling but would like to have a try first we will be holding two long weekend events in June and July where they can come along and have go at fishing (with guidance from us) without having to buy a permit or a E.A. licence. I will post more details about this next week.

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