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Additional Parking in Thropton

July 14, 2021

There is now additional Federation parking available in Thropton subject to the following rules in respect of parking on this land:

Parking only from April to September.

Parking in the Haugh is for permit holders only.

No parking in the lane.

No parking outside gates.

Parking only allowed one hour at the beginning of first hour before sunrise and at the end of the first hour after sunset (no overnight parking).

The land is SSSI protected, so no other path or track to be used or created other than the track which already runs through the site.

Six cars only to park - you must leave if there are already six cars parked.  

The gate is locked by a combination code - the number will be changed on the 1st of each month. The number can be obtained by ringing the head bailiff. The gate is to be re-locked when you enter.

Vehicles are not to be taken down the track in the Haugh past the car park turn off.

Please take litter home. 

Please see the map for access point. We ask you to respect and abide by these rules or we will lose permission to park in this protected area of land.

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