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Angling Rules

N.B. These rules are subject to all relevant Environmental Agency by laws and anglers must familiarise themselves with all new by laws particularly relating to catch and release, method of fishing and permitted tackle.

1. Rod Licence

A valid and relevant Environmental Agency Rod Licence must be held by all anglers in addition to a Federation Permit, where required by law. This includes anglers aged under 16 years of age.

2. Close Season dates:

a. Salmon: 1st November to 31st January
b. Sea Trout: 1st November to 2nd April
c. Brown Trout: 1st October to 21st March
d. Coarse Fish: 15th March to 15th June
All dates are inclusive.

3. Salmon & Sea Trout Rules

a. Catch and release of all fish for the whole month of October on all waters.
b. All Salmon caught before 16th June in any year are to be returned immediately to the water with the least possible injury.
c. Fly or lure only to be used for salmon fishing before 16th June in any year.
d. No more than two barbless hooks (single, double or treble) shall be used for Salmon or Sea Trout before the 16th June in any year. A team of flies may be used
provided there is minimum distance of 30cm between each fly.

4. Methods:

a. Fly only to be used for brown trout before 1st June and no spinning for brown trout after 31st August.
b. Bank lines,trimmers or night lines are not allowed, and only one rod to be used at a time.
c. The use of prawn, shrimp or natural minnow baits is prohibited on all Federation waters.
d. Total ban on the use of Flying C on all waters.
e. No spinning is permitted for the months of February and October on all waters.
f. Total ban on all worm fishing for trout and all migratory fish on all waters.
g. No ground baiting is permitted on the river at any time. (except for coarse fishing on the Tyne).
h. One treble-hook only is allowed on spoon baits on all waters.
i. The use of gaffs is prohibited at all times.
j. Fly fishing only is permitted from 1st February to 31st August within 100 metres below the dam at Thrum Mill and no leaded lines or flies are permitted.
k. Spinning for any fish upstream of Pauperhaugh Bridge before 1st June is prohibited and fly fishing only is permitted at any time downstream of the bridge to the white posts.
l. Spinning also prohibited at all times from Ladies bridge to Old Race bridge, Rothbury (Fly fishing only).
m. The use of rods exceeding 13ft in length on the River Coquet is prohibited.
n. The use of full sinking lines on the River Coquet is prohibited - only floating or intermediate lines, sinktips and leaders may be used.
o. The use of full sinking lines on the River Coquet is prohibited - only floating or intermediate lines, sinktips and leaders may be used
p. No spinning allowed from Shillmoor to Linbriggs and Linbriggs waters - fly fishing only
q. All migratory fish permit holders must possess a landing net when fishing which should be used to land any fish whenever practically possible in order to reduce injury to the fish.
r. If fish are deep-hooked, particularly in the gills, it may not be possible to remove the hook. Cut the line close to the hook and release the fish. This will cause less harm to the fish than attempting to remove the hook.

5. Special restrictions:

a. No fishing is permitted:
(i) at any time between the posts situated approximately 20 metres upstream and downstream of the dam between Warkworth and Amble.
(ii) at any time within a distance of 25 metres upstream and 100 metres downstream of the crest of the dam at Warkworth.
(iii) during October within a distance of 150 metres below the crest of the dam at Thrum Mill, Rothbury.
b. Fly only permitted at Felton and downstream to Thirston Burn to the limit shown on map Felton: River Coquet unless river height exceeds 1ft marker on Felton Bridge.
c. Anglers are reminded of the provisions in the National Rivers Authority By laws prohibiting fishing within 25 metres upstream and 100 metres downstream of dams, weirs, artificial obstructions (e.g. bridge footings) and Thrum Mill Falls during September and October and at all times between one hour after sunset and one hour
before sunrise.
d. All fishing is prohibited on the River Coquet below Warkworth Dam in extreme low water conditions as determined by the Head Bailiff. It is the responsibility of every angler to ensure that fishing is not prohibited and if in doubt advice should be sought from one of the Federation’s bailiffs before fishing.
e. No dogs allowed on Gallowfield water.

6. Statutory provisions:

All anglers should be familiar with:
a. the current EA bye laws which apply to all anglers fishing Federation waters; (This includes at night - Fishing in rivers, streams and drains for Salmon or migratory Trout is not permitted between the end of the first hour after sunset and the beginning of the first hour before sunrise, unless bait used consists of an artificial Fly with each hook not exceeding 10mm in diameter)
b. and the provisions of the Salmon & Freshwater Fisheries Act 1975. A breach of any of these statutory provisions will result in the cancellation of a permit and risk prosecution.
c. River Tweed commission rules regarding fishing on the Till (see RTC website)

7. General:

a. The bag limit per angler per day for brown trout is 2 brace .
b. No coarse fishing is permitted in the River Coquet or its tributaries and any coarse fish caught are to be returned immediately to the water.
c. All sea trout measuring less than 10 inches, and brown trout measuring less than 9 inches from the nose to the fork of the tail are to be returned immediately to the water, whether alive or dead.
d. No fishing is permitted up any mill race or fish pass.
e. Permits must be carried at all times when fishing, and be-produced for inspection at the request of any Federation bailiff or officer, EA employee, Northumberland Estates employee or other Federation permit holder.
f. All tackle, baits, equipment and fish caught must be produced for inspection at the request of any Federation officer or bailiff.
g. No fish caught in Federation waters shall be sold or offered for resale.
h. No camping, boating, bathing or fires are permitted.
i. All foul-hooked fish must be returned to the water immediately causing as little harm as possible
j. All waters must be approached by recognised access without committing trespass.
k. All breaches of Federation Rules or statutory provisions must be reported to the Head Bailiff or the Secretary without delay.
l. Any changes to rules will be posted on our website.
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