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River Coquet Trophy

The angler proven to have caught the first fresh Salmon of the season on the Federations Coquet
waters will hold the Coquet Trophy for one year,
Year Recipient Address Date Weight Bait
1957 W.Dodd Ashington 2nd Feb 15 lbs Norwich Spoon
1958 T.L. Newton Broomhill 1st Feb 13 lbs 8oz Sand Eel
1959 W.H. Wadds Newcastle 3rd Feb 15 lbs Black & Gold Devon
1960 G. Hakin Chevington 6th Feb 15 lbs 14oz Spoon
1961 E.J. Gair Amble 1st Feb 14 lbs 8oz Eel Tail
1962 H. D. Burnn Whitley Bay 1st Feb 11 lbs Brown & Gold Devon
1963 L. Williamsn East Herrington 20th Mar 12 lbs Eel Tail
1964 J. McLeodn Amble 8th Mar 14 lbs Eel Tail
1965 E. Bolam Prudhoe 1st Feb 7 lbs Silver Sprat
1966 A. Douds Bedlington 12th Feb 11 lbs Silver Sprat
1967 W. Gilliard Broomhill 8th Feb 12 lbs 8oz Prawn
1968 G.W. Bennett Ponteland 1st Feb 9 lbs Golden Sprat
1969 J. Dodd Amble 6th Mar 11 lbs 8oz Silver Sprat
1970 D.W. Cormack Newcastle 1st Feb 12 lbs Golden Sprat
1971 W.A. Hankin Warkworth 2nd Feb 8 lbs 8oz Silver Sprat
1972 W. McLeod Gosforth 1st Feb 13 lbs Silver Sprat
1973 A. Douds Bedlington 10th Feb 8 lbs 8oz Small Prawn
1974 M. Evans Amble 28th Mar 12 lbs 14oz Prawn
1975 J. Armstrong Throckley 2nd Feb 8 lbs 6oz Black & Gold Devon
1976 J. Hart Lynemouth 1st Feb 8 lbs 4oz Silver Sprat
1977 T.P. Young North Seaton 5th Feb 9 lbs 4oz Toby Spoon
1978 J. Hogg Wallsend 11th Feb 16 lbs 7oz Yellow Belly
1979 Mrs. R. Hutton Bedlington 2nd Feb 12 lbs 8oz Yellow Belly
1980 B. Douglas Shilbottle 1st Feb 10 lbs Sand Eel
1981 C. Pearson Ellington 20th Feb 8 lbs 4oz Brown & Gold Devon
1982 D. Douds Bedlington 1st Feb 20 lbs Blue & Silver Devon
1983 K. Graham Wallsend 1st Feb 12 lbs Golden Eel Tail
1984 D. Burrell Ashington 12th Feb 13 lbs 8oz Green & Yellow Devon
1985 A. Dickinson Newbiggin 2nd Feb 7 lbs 10oz Black & Gold Devon
1986 J. Foster Hadston 5th Feb 17 lbs Black & Yellow Devon
1987 J. Foster Hadston 4th Feb 7 lbs 6oz Sand Eel
1988 M.G. Wilson Bedlington 4th Feb 8 lbs 8oz Eel Tail
1989 A. Manderson Broomhill 7th Feb 8 lbs 8oz Eel Tail
1990 A. Herron Pegswood 1st Feb 7 lbs 8oz Black and Silver Devon
1991 E. Iveson Wideopon 1st Feb 8 lbs 4oz Black and Gold Devon
1992 S. Farrington Amble 1st Feb 18 lbs Natural Sprat
1993 D. Tait Lynemouth 2nd Feb 10 lbs 8oz Black and Yellow Quill Minnow
1994 E. Iveson Wideopen 1st Feb 11 lbs 11oz Yellow Belly
1995 B. Douglas Shilbottle 4th Feb 13 lbs Black and White Devon
1996 C. Briggs Lynemouth 5th Feb 14 lbs 8oz Black and Gold Devon
1997 B. Douglas Shilbottle 1st Feb 6 lbs 8oz Prawn
1998 C. Rosemorgan Lynemouth 1st Feb 7 lbs Black and Yellow Devon
1999 D. Easton Amble 12th Mar 11 lbs Silver Mepp
2000 B. Douglas Shilbottle 11th Feb 15 lbs Toby Spoon
2001 B. Douglas Shilbottle 15th Feb 8 lbs 8oz Black and White Devon
2002 B. Douglas Shilbottle 16th Feb 7 lbs 8oz Long Bladed Mepp
2003 M. Hughes Birtley 5th Mar 12 lbs Rapala
2004 J. Lee Amble 20th Apr 10 lbs Mepp
2005 B. Bonner Dinnington 18th Mar 9 lbs Silver Shrimp Fly
2006 J.H. Smith Blyth 7th Apr 9 lbs Shrimp Fly
2007 D. Ewart Ashinton 1st Feb 11 lbs Conrad
2008 J. Foster Warkworth 8th Feb 10 lbs Black and Yellow Devon
2009 R. Newton Hadston 4th May 7 lbs Fly
2010 B. Douglas Shilbottle 1st Feb 6 lbs Black and White Devon
2011 M. Allison Walkerdene 4th Feb 8 lbs 8oz Black and Red Flying C
2012 S. Hawthorne Amble 8th Apr 7 lbs Black and Yellow Tosh
2013 G. Black Hadston 8th Apr 6 lbs Rapala
2014 R. Stephenson Seaton Delaval 19th Feb 9 lbs Odin Spoon
2015 B. Douglas Shilbottle 1st Mar 9 lbs Mepp
2016 G. Black Hadston 2nd Feb 9 lbs Rapala
2017 J. Foster Hadston 1st Mar 13 lbs Black and Yellow Devon
2018 G. Black Hadston 27th Mar 12 lbs Rapala
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