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Fish Permit Rules

1. A valid permit allows a person to fish with one rod and line only on waters under the control of the Federation during legitimate times and seasons.

2. The Federation reserves the right, without any reason, to refuse any applicant a permit to fish, or cancel any permit that may have been issued. All money paid for a permit that is cancelled shall be forfeited.

3. The following permits are available;

a. A season’s Salmon Permit valid for salmon, sea trout and brown trout.

b. A seasons Trout Permit valid for brown trout.

c. 7 day Visitor’s Permits for all fish or trout only.

d. 1 day Visitor’s Permits valid for all fish or trout only e. A season’s Coarse Permit valid for coarse fish only on the River Tyne. Season permits are only available to residents of the counties of Northumberland, Durham and Tyne and Wear. The Salmon and all fish Visitor’s Permits entitles the holder to fish all of the Federation’s waters on the River Tyne, Coquet and Till, including the tidal section of the River Coquet below Coquet Lodge. Trout Permit Holders may fish all waters on the River Tyne & Coquet excluding the tidal section of the River Coquet.

4. Anglers aged 16 years and under may fish Federation waters without a permit provided he or she is accompanied at all times by a responsible adult holding the appropriate Season Permit.

5. Concessionary Season Permits are available to registered disabled persons (30% disability) in receipt of state retirement pension.

6. Holders of Salmon and Trout permits may also fish the coarse fish in the River Tyne during the appropriate season.

7. All applicants for Salmon and Coarse Permits, must be made in writing to the Head Bailiff, and must be accompanied by the correct fee and s.a.e. Any previous year’s permit with the catch record properly completed must be returned to the Head Bailiff with the application. Trout permits are to be returned to the Head Bailiff with the application. Trout permits are available from the distributors listed on page 11. All permits include the issue of the Federation Handbook and Guide. Visitor permits are also available from the Head Bailiff. 8. In the event that any tenancy held by the Federation is terminated before the end of the fishing season, all permits for the relevant water will be void from the date of such termination and no refund of the fee will be made. Notice of such termination will be published on the Federation’s website.
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