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H & S Policy

Northumbrian Anglers Federation takes all reasonable precautions to ensure that our rivers remain safe for those who use them. Where reasonably practicable, we ensure that safe access and egress to areas of use are managed and maintained on an on-going basis to reduce the health and safety risk to our permit holders.
As part of our risk reduction process we request that all persons undertaking activities on our rivers do so with their own health and safety at the forefront of their minds. This includes ensuring that permit holders wear suitable personal protective equipment at all times to reduce personal risk. We recommend that as a minimum all persons wear sensible footwear for the terrain, a buoyancy aid or life jacket, and both wet weather and cold weather clothing dependent upon the conditions at any given time. We would also recommend that a means of communication in the event of an emergency, such as a mobile phone are carried at all times while undertaking river activities

The download link to our full Health and Safety policy is here. All employees, volunteers and permit holders must ensure that they read and understand the control measures identified within the policy, and ensure compliance at all times.
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