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River Till Rules

Federation Anglers wishing to fish the Till must be aware that it is not possible to fish the river without making prior arrangements with the head Bailiff as the number of rods per day are restricted.

The whole of the Tweed and all its tributaries are subject to the Tweed Commission’s rules and the Tweed angling code, which is a guide to legal restrictions and good practice when fishing on the Tweed and its tributaries. Some of these rules are legally enforceable and could result in prosecution if contravened. Please note, Tweed bailiffs, under Scottish Law, have the power of arrest.

In summary:

1. The season starts on 1st February and ends on 30th November.

2. Salmon & Sea-trout fishing is prohibited on Sundays.

3. It is illegal to take any Salmon or Sea-trout – dead or alive – from 1st February to 31st March each year.

During the Spring season, only those Salmon and Grilse that have actually died in the course of resuscitation, after 31st March, may be removed from the water. No one is allowed to dispatch a Salmon or Grilse, e.g. by use of a priest. On no account may any Salmon or Grilse be killed on purpose before 1st July.

4. Salmon & Sea-trout fishing is with artificial fly only before February 15th and after September 14th.

5. It is illegal to sell rod-caught fish.

6. It is illegal to fish without legal right or written permission from the beat's owner or his representative.

7. It is illegal to use prawns or shrimps as bait throughout the catchment and throughout the year.

8. It is illegal to attempt deliberately to foul-hook fish.

9. It is illegal to use any implement other than a net to land a fish.

10. It is illegal to kill kelts, smolts and parr.

11. It is illegal to kill unclean or unseasonable fish (which include baggots, kippers, fish about to spawn or in the process of spawning) and deliberately foul-hooked fish.

12. All caught fish (whether or not they are actually killed), must be recorded (inform bailiff and the end of your day – NIL RETURDS necessary) and the records retained for a minimum of five years. Excluding:

a) kelts (any Salmon that have already spawned);

b) in the Spring only, baggots and kippers (sexually mature Salmon from the previous year that have not yet spawned, ie. which are full of spawn or milt)

[Salmon in this context means Salmon or Sea-trout]
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