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River Tyne

Fantastic Angling on River Tyne

Fishing On The River TYNE Northumberland

The Tyne is considered to be the best river system for Salmon and Sea trout in England and Wales and is even starting to challenge some of the more famous Scottish rivers. Spring fish are gradually increasing in numbers with typically April/May being the best months. Fed by both the South Tyne and North Tyne the main river is seldom too low to fish productively.

The Federation has access to quality fishing on the main Tyne and fishing is downstream from Bywell to Wylam, around the villages of Ovington and Ovingham. The beat extends to approximately two miles, some of which is double bank. This water provides excellent Salmon and Sea Trout fishing from early in the season. Every year a number of large double figure spring fish are caught from Federation waters.

The Tyne has good stocks of coarse fish. Federation permit holders will find success on our Tyne beats primarily catching Dace with some Chub, with a sprinkling of Gudgeon, Roach and very occasional Perch. Tyne Dace are usually of a good size, bags of 6-8oz fish being not unusual, with weights in double figures common given decent water conditions. Chub range up to 6lbs, with fish up to 2-3lbs being more usual. The Federation beats are used for the regular River Tyne Coarse fishing matches, often producing decent catches with winning bags of over 50lbs at times.

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Brown Trout
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