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Rules & Regulations

1. The Federation shall be known as the ‘NORTHUMBRIAN ANGLERS’ Federation’.

2. The President of the Federation shall be the Duke of Northumberland.

3. The objects of the Federation are as follows:
a. To lease or acquire fishing rights on any waters in Northumberland and vicinity;
b. The preservation within waters under their jurisdiction, of game fish in all their stages and their protection against poaching, illegal possession and sale;
c. The carrying out of all such matters and things from time to time as shall be considered to and in the best interests of the art of game fish angling

4. The business of the Federation shall be conducted by a Board of Management consisting of the President and Trustees appointed by the President.

5. The right to fish Federation water shall be acquired by purchasing a current Federation permit and shall be subject to rules and regulations laid down by the Board from time to time.

6. The Board shall cause true accounts to be kept of all monies received or paid on account of the Federation.

7. Permit holders may submit proposals concerning the fishing on Federation waters to the Trustees. Such proposals shall be addressed in writing to the Secretary

8. All matter of detail or dispute, in any way arising, shall be left to the Trustees for settlement, and Trustees decision is final.

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